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eGlobal Shadow

Pricing Information

MSRP  $1,595.95

Removable 48 V Batteries

Total Price: $1,595.95 + PDI  + HST = $1,995.000

Motor & Controller: 12 months
Frame: 12 months
Charger & Batteries: 6 months

48 Volt Shadow in Red

Power System
500 Watt  48 Volt High-torque Motor
Max Torque: 69  Nm (59 Ft/Lb)
Battery: 48 V 20 Ah SLA
Removable Batteries for off e-Bike Charging
DC/DC 48/12 V 10 A Converter
Top Speed 32 Km/h
Range: up to 50 Km (SLA)
Climbing Ability: 20% Slope
$0.12 to Full Charge Batteries

Mechanical: Front Hydraulic Disc
Rear Drum Brakes
Tires & Wheels
2.5” x 16” Cast Aluminum Alloy
3.0” x  16” Tubeless Tire

Body & Chassis
Seat: Double, Height 74 cm (29”)
Front:Direct-acting twin internal spring/hydraulic shock
Rear: Trailing arm twin adjustable-preload coil-over spring/hydraulic shocks
Side Mirrors
Digital Display: Speedometer, Odometer & Battery
Front and Back Turn Signals
Tail and Brake Lights
Head Light Hi/Low Beam

Built-in 2 Stage Remote Alarm
Handle Bar Locking

Under Seat Storage Compartment – Lock with Key
Rear Cargo Box – Lock with Key