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Cargo Boxes

PHX Scooter Tail Storage Boxes are considered both over sized and heavy duty, much higher quality than the standard tail boxes available in the market. These boxes are removable with a separate plate mount and red quick release button on the lower rear.



Tail Storage Box – PHX Scooter Elite Large, 29 L volume32L

This PHX scooter tail storage box is is thread mountable / removable with additional quick release and convenient carrying handle.
This tail storage box will easily accommodate our Breeze 2 and Street Elite helmets.

Price: $89.95



Tail Storage Box – PHX Scooter Elite Extra Large, 51 L volume

This thread mountable / removable tail storage box will easily accommodate our Two Breeze 2 or Two Street Elite helmet as well as most full-faced helmets .

Price: $129.95