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Tao Motor 48V 20Ah escooter

MSRP $1,095.00

Total= $ 1,095+PDI+HST =$1,399.95

Motor & Frame: 12 Months
Controller: 12 Months
Charger & Batteries: 6 Months

Power System
500W 48V High Torque Brushless
Max Torque: 58 Nm
Motor Controller: 25 Amp
Battery: 48V 20Ah  SLA
DC/DC 48V / 12V Converter

Top Speed: 32 Km/Hr
Range: up to 60 Km
Climbing Ability: 20 % Slope
$0.12 to Full Charge Batteries

Front 4” Drum Brake
Rear 4” Drum Brake

Tires & Wheels
3.0” x 16” Aluminium Alloy Rims
3.0” x 16” Tube Tire

Body & Chassis
Seat: Double, Height 75 cm (29”)
Shell: Composite ABS with Epoxy Paint
Front: Direct-acting twin internal spring/hydraulic shock
Rear: Trailing arm twin adjustable-preload coil-over spring/hydraulic shocks
Side Mirrors
Front and Back Turn Signals
Tail and Brake Lights
Head Light Hi/Low Beam

Built-in Two Stage Remote Alarm
Handle Bar Locking

Under Seat Storage Compartment – Lock with Key
Rear Cargo Box – Lock with Key