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Battery Warranty

epRider Battery Warranty

epRider stands behind each premium quality battery for 6 months against defects and workmanship.

Battery Care

To get the best performance from your batteries always charge your batteries after every use.

Battery performance and life will be diminished if they are constantly drained and not recharged promptly. Always charge your batteries after every ride

Batteries must be kept from freezing temperatures and be charged every 30 days when in storage.

What is not covered under warranty

Batteries that fail as a result of freezing or improper storage will not be covered under the warranty as it is a direct result of improper care and not a result of a defect or workmanship.

Swollen or expanded batteries will not be covered under warranty.

Battery warranty is voided when new batteries are charged with an old charger (a charger not purchased with the new batteries)

Batteries that are mixed with other brands of batteries will not qualify for warranty.

All batteries must be tested prior to warranty coverage.

The battery warranty is non transferable.